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Adhesive Connections

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Adhesive connections are designed for shear strain. The adhesive effect is generated through adhesion and requires a defined surface / adhesive gap at the splice.

QSIL Ceramics has many years of experience in gluing ceramics/ceramics and ceramics/steel. Typical applications are: 

Classifier wheel - Adhesive connection of ceramics / ceramics: Here, the adhesive connection is exposed to high centrifugal forces.
Pistons - Adhesive connection of ceramics / steel: Connection of ceramic pistons with a metal shaft. Load is cyclical, tumescent and is transferred from the shaft through the adhesive connection to the piston.
Wear protection - Ceramics / steel to line pipes, walls etc.

Depending on the individual stress profile (temperature, medium, mechanical load) you can choose between various practically tested adhesive systems.

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